The Forum

The forum

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The forum is a very important part of Landlord Law as it is where members can meet and talk to one another, and seek help with their problems.

I am constantly keeping an eye on the forum and will try to answer questions as soon as I can.  But if you see a question, you may have a better answer than mine, or may want to question what I say.  Please do so!  The forum is for discussions not just for my answers.

How the forum is organised

The forum is divided into three sections:

  • The landlords forum
  • The tenants forum, and
  • The 'Crossroads' section.

Only landlords can view the landlords forum and only tenants can view the tenants forum but everyone can use the Crossroads forum.  I as administrator can see it all.

Within the big sections, there are separate sub sections on specific topics, such as tenancy agreements and problem tenants/eviction.  When you use the forum please can you try to use the correct section.  At the present time I do not have the ability as administrator to move the posts so will probably have to delete them.

One of the things we are hoping to do during the next few months is develop the forum so we can have more forum groups - for example for ex pat landlords, landlords from specific geograpic areas, or people with a special interest such student landlords. Rather like joining a club within the site.

How to put a new post on the forum

If you want to say something, pehaps if you have a question you would like me to answer, first of all find the correct section.  Then read the posts there - your question may already have been answered. 

If it has not, then click the green new topic button at the top right of the forum section (thats the screen with lots of links on it, not a screen where you can read people's posts). 

Then give your post a title and write you question or observations in the body field.  You will see below two buttons, save and preview, which you can use as you wish. 

However, you MUST click the save button before leaving the page.  It is easy to forget this and just use the preview button without remembering to then click the save button afterwards.  If you don't click save your post will not be published.  If you do this by mistake you may be able to get it back by clicking the back button

How to reply to someone else's post

Go to the post you want to respond to. If your comment is specific to a particular post then click the green reply button underneath it.  Then your reply will appear below the post you are commenting on.  If you click the post reply button at the top, your comment will appear above it. 

Private messages

We have a private message / email system on Landlord Law. If you click on the email links on someone's post you will be taken to a form where you can send them a private message.  This will just be sent to the person concerned and will not appear on the forum.

Be careful about this - people sometimes do this by mistake and send me a quesiton via the private message system rather than by putting a post on the forum.  If you do this however you will just be asked to use the forum.  

LInks to members records

If you click on someone's name you will be taken to their membership  record.  Here you will see their avatar / picture (if they have loaded one up) and also a link to their profile on LInkedIn if they have added this.    For example see my record.  (Ignore the reference to bookmarks, this is something we hope to develop shortly but is not operational at present).

Reading the forum

When you visit the forum you will see that many of the folder icons on the left will have yellow stars on them.  This means that folder contains posts you have not opened and read yet. 

You can get rid of the star just by clicking on the folder and opening up the unread post.  Or if you want to get rid of them all click the green 'Mark all read' button at the top right of the screen.

When you click a link from the main forum area to one of the sections, you will see some icons underneath giving you more information:

  • hot threads are those where there is a lot of activity
  • sticky threads are threads which stay at the top.  Only the administrator (me) can mark a thread as sticky.  I have done this for some of my welcome threads.
  • Locked threads are ones where you cannot add any new posts
  • You will also see a little RSS feed link underneath



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