The Document Generator

This is special software on the site which allows members to create a document of a particular type tailored to your needs.  Unlike filling in a pdf form 'field',  your information is saved, and so the completed form can be emailed out to your tenants if required..

How it works

1. Complete the form. A link on the site from one of our special 'create document' icons will take you to a page where you fill in a form.  This will have guidance underneath each form field giving you information on how to complete the field.

Some forms are just one page, other forms run to two pages.  If the form is two pages you will need to complete all the 'mandatory fields' before you can move on.

Some forms are just used for one document.  Others are used for several.  In this case you will need to select the document you need on the final page.

2. Generate the document. When you have finished completing all the fields, you hit the final button at the end, to generate your document.

3. Use it in My Documents.  You will have to wait a short period while the document is generated, then you be taken to the My Documents part of the site (see the picture on your left).  This is where all your saved documents are stored.  There are four buttons:

  • view - (the green button) this will allow you to have a look at the document, to make sure the information is correct.  If you wish you can also copy and paste the wording into your own word processor
  • pdf - (the red button) this is a link to a pdf document which you can save to your computer, print out, and/or email out (for example you can email a tenancy agreement out to your tenant to sign).
  • Edit - (the blue button) click this if you want to change the information you put in the form.  This will bring up the screen where you input the information.  Make your changes and then click the button again to create the form or letter.  This will take you back to My Documents where you can view the amended document (see also 4 below).
  • delete - (the grey button) if you no longer want the document or if you have completed it incorrectly.

4. Re-using the same information. When you are completing one of the forms, you will see a field right at the top called the document title.  This is the title of the document that will appear in your My Documents page (it does not appear on the document itself). 

If you use the blue edit document to go back into the form, if you put a different document title here, you can use the same information in the form (perhaps slightly adapted) to generate a completely different document.  This will appear as a new document in your My Documents area (probably below the original one).

However if you use the blue edit button and leave the document title the same, this will overwrite the original document.  Do this if you made a mistake and want to change the document you created.





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