The content types

The content type

The content on the site comes in various formats or content types. The main content types are:

  • Ordinary pages
  • Books
  • Articles
  • FAQ
  • Tips
  • Q&A
  • Legal cases
  • The Local Authority Directory
  • Suppliers
  • The forum
  • pdf articles and forms
  • Blocks

Ordinary pages

These are basically pages which are not one of the other types.  The have a margin and banners on the right.



These are short (or sometimes not so short) answers to common questions.  You will find them all linked from the special FAQ pages via green navigation bar above and also the tenants and landlords links blocks which sometimes appears in the right margin.


These are open access pages with (mostly) ten tips  on specific subjects.  You will find them all linked from the green navigation bar above.

Q and A

I regularly answer questions, the five most recent of which you can read from the Q&A link above.  Members can read old Q&A also.

Legal cases

These are brief reports of case reports, with links to the full reports on the internet and also blog and other online articles, in the links below.  They are members only content.

The Local Authority Directory

This has an entry for every local authority in England and Wales with contacat details and a link to the LA web site at the bottom.  Some of the information may be out of date so we always welcome updates from LA staff.


These are special pages where relevant businesses can provide information about their service.  They all have a five star rating button and a link to the company web-site at the bottom.  Suppliers pages are free of charge to Landlord Law annual members, but are otherwise a paid for service.

The forum

This is the part of the site where members only, can have discussions and ask questions.  There are links to the relevant forum area from most pages.  Most of the landlord and tenant forums are separate in separate areas where only landlord or tenant members can access, but there is one area called 'crossorads' they can both use.

pdf  forms

Although many of our documents are now created using our document creation system, some of our forms are still ordinary pdf forms which you download and/or read on screen.  Please see the separate pages with more information about these.


These are also sometimes described as banners and are the pictures or blocks of text you will find in the margin, or sometimes at the bottom of a page.  They look like they are part of the page as they appear on the same screen, but actually they are created quite separately and then allocated to a page, sometimes more than one.  For example the links blocks for landlords and tenants members content appear on the majority of landlord and tenants members pages.

Blocks can also be set to be seen only by different user types.  For example the offers to Landlord Law members in the suppliers area can only be seen by logged in members.

In the 'books' (such as the help book you are in now) the margin blocks appear on the left.  In all other parts of the site they are on the right, apart from the articles and bookshop which do not have any margin content.




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