The content tags

The content tags

In Drupal, the software which is used to run the Landlord Law site, there is something called 'taxonomy'.  This allows us to attach a term or 'tag' to each item of content so it can be sorted easily.

All content on the Landlord Law site is tagged depending on the subject matter of the content.  When the site was set up, I did a list of content topics, such as tenancy agreements, repair issues etc, which describes that that content is about. 

Some items have more than one tag.  For example a FAQ may be about tenancy agreements but also be suitable for new landlords or new tenants. 

I have listed all the different tags here (for general content) so if you are not sure what is the appropriate tag for the point you are looking up, you can take a look.

I will indicate on the tag pages the sort of content we have, but do not take this as being a definitive list as I may have loaded up more content since it was written.

If you think that there is a tag missing please feel free to email me and make a suggestion.

Other terms or tags

Note that the tags or terms listed here are the general tags used for the landlord and tenant information.  We use a different taxonomy for some of the other types of content.  For example:

The Local Authority Directory is sorted alphabetically, so Allerdale is tagged 'A', Babergh is tagged 'B' etc.

The cases directory has two types of tag - the type of case (eg cases relating to section 21 notices or discrimination) and the type of court, eg Court of Appeal, House of Lords, etc

The Suppliers Directory also has two types of tage - the type of supplier (eg gas services, accuntancy services) and the location.  Location includes counties (Norfolk, Cornwall etc) and the general area, eg East Anglia or South East England.  Note that London counts as both.

The embedded pdfs are has a tagging system to show what sort of pdf it is, for example whether it is a form, an article, or something else. 

You can see all the other content with a tag by clicking the tag link which you wil find at the top of the content page.(or sometimes at the bottom) of  the page.  For example if you look at the top of this page you will see the tag 'help on using Landlord Law'.  If you click the link, you will see all the items with that tag, with the one added most recently at the top.



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