Completing pdf forms

Guidance on completing pdf forms

As mentioned elsewhere, you do need a recent version of Adobe reader to do this, so check that yours is up to date by visiting the Adobe web-site. The forms can be completed online by filling in the various form fields.

Note that on most pdf forms now, you can click a box at the top which will highlight all the fields in a colour so you can see them easily.  This is a good idea, unless you are very familiar with the form and feel you do not need it. 

The different types of field are as follows:

The 'Clear data' button: This is right at the top of the page. If you click on this, it will clear all the fields in the form and any default wording will re-appear. So be careful not to do this until you have printed off the completed form. The 'clear data' buttons are set so that they are visible on screen but do not print.

Text fields: just click into the field (you can usually work out where it is - on some forms there will be default wording but not on all) delete any default wording and type your answer. You may find that the box is not big enough - in this case you will either have to write less, or type something like 'see annexed page A' and then type or write the rest of your answer on a separate piece of paper.

Check boxes: here you will have to click into a box to make a tick. The box may be quite small so keep clicking until you find the right spot. To 'untick' the box, click again.

Radio boxes: these are a range of two or more fields where only one box at a time can be ticked. For example if there is a question which can be answered 'Yes' or 'No', one of these will be ticked by default, let us say it is 'yes'. If you want your answer to be 'No', then click in the 'No' box and you will see that the tick will move from 'Yes' to 'No'. You can do this as often as you like - only one of the boxes in the series can be ticked at any one time.

Date fields: Some 'text fields' will be for dates and you will have to put the date in the correct manner. This will be, say for 1st January 2002:- 02 Jan 2002. When you click out of the field, it will then display the date in the prescribed format.

In a few of the forms, they are set to display todays date automatically. You cannot alter this on screen. Sometimes you may find that the date does not reappear after clicking the 'clear data' button'. However if you click the 'refresh' button, todays date should come back.

Combo boxes: Here you are given a series of answers to choose from. You can see the options by clicking on the arrow next to the answer. This will bring up a drop down list and you choose by clicking on the answer you want. If you change your mind you can alter your answer by clicking on the arrow again and choosing another option.

Notes: Sometimes you will see a little coloured box. This is a ‘note’ and will have some information on completing the form. To open the note you double click on it and to close it you click the X at the top left hand corner. When you print the form out, make sure that the box for ‘comments’ in the printing instructions is not ticked and then it will not show on the printed copy.

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