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Tessa SheppersonThere are always things going on, new items to talk about, new content to let you know about.  The question is where do I do this?

The place I write most of all is my Landlord Law blog www.landlordlawblog.co.uk.  I post most weekdays and try to cover all news items there.

A new way for landlords to avoid problems with the law - an Easy way!

New content on Landlord Law 

Although there is a certain amount of new content on Landlords Law - I have done a >> FAQ on legionnaires disease for example and >> new Q&A have been loaded up, during the past month I have mostly been working on my new course.

New tenancy deposit regulations come into force

Updated content

Rule BookApril 6 is one of the two days in the year (the other being 1 October) when new regulations come into force.  Here are the two main regulations which affect landlords.

Tenancy deposits

As all landlords and agents should now be aware, the tenancy deposit regulations have been tightened up to stop up the loopholes exposed by the cases of Tiensia and Hashemi.

New notification forms and a new eviction service

New content

New Q and A are regularly loaded up to the site.

Notification forms - these are handy forms you can use to record the meter readings at the time the tenant goes into the property and also the time he (or they) vacate.

The forms also confirm that you can inform the utilities, for example of the tenants forwarding address after they have vacated. They can save you a whole load of problems.

Deposit Guard compliant tenancy agreement and a new letting agent checklist for landlords

New content

New Q and A are regularly loaded up to the site.

Deposit Guard compliant tenancy agreements 

As many of you will have seen in the news, a new tenancy deposit scheme has been launched by the Residential Landlords Association partnered with TDS. The scheme is cheaper than My Deposits, but the landlord will need to have special clauses in the tenancy agreement.

School for Landlords videos and a new home page

New content

New Q and A are regularly loaded up to the site.

As you will probably have seen, we have a new home page design, and this blog is no longer featured there (although there are links). See more about the new home page below.

I have finally got around to doing a step by step guide to using the forum - for some reason people often get scared about using this  - but now there is no excuse!

Landlord Law membership types renamed

New content

New Q and A are regularly loaded up to the site >> click here.

New tenancy agreement - out of season holiday let (useful for students) - see the tenancy agreements >> here (members only).

Landlord Law new content update

New content

New Q and A are regularly loaded up to the site.

New video content - the final video in the Rent Arrears Action Plan series, which is on County Court Judgements.

New video content for annual members

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New Q and A were loaded up over the weekend.

New video content - the new content for annual members (see further below)

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