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Going live

Today, Tuesday 14 December, is that day we switch over and make this Landlord Law site live. Which is very exciting.

It will be a fairly long process. First we have to physically transfer all the membership records from the old site to here and set them up so they are working correctly.

Then we have to change the ‘name servers’ so that the url www.landlordlaw.co.uk points here rather than at the old site. So if you have reached here having used that url, all that will all have been done. But it could be Wednesday until that happens, so I may leave this post up for a while.

If you are a new member logging in for the first time, I hope you like the new site. I have done a special Quick Start page for you >> here which will talk you through the new system.

Some law

Finally, a bit of housing law. There is a report published every Monday by barristers chambers Garden Court which you can see >> here. A couple of things to draw your attention to here.

First the Private renting and the Energy Bill 2010 which is going to give ministers power to make regulations imposing energy efficiency obligations on landlords and tenants. There is a link to a fact sheet you can read, although it does not look as if there are going to be any obligations imposed immediately.

Second, there is a case, Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association v Vertigan which may cheer up the landlords. Here a tenant was being evicted because of serious breaches of his tenancy agreement.

The tenant tried to get the possession order suspended saying that he would give undertakings to behave better in future. The Court of Appeal however dismissed the appeal saying that if the undertakings were sincere, the place and time for them to have been offered would have been at or before the original trial.

The case is not online yet (not in a public database anyway), when it is I will put it in our legal cases database.

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