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The pre payment meter scam - tenants, watch out for men offering discounts at the door!

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Rent Arrears Action Plan

A new section about dealing with one of joint tenants leaving in the prelilminaries section.  Plus all the letters in Stage 1 have been re-done using the document generator.  See further in the featured content section below.

Oh no!  My tenants haven't paid their rent!Featured content - the Rent Arrears Action Plan

This is an important and popular part of Landlord Law, written to help landlords whose tenants are failing to pay rent. For example due to job loss, marital breakup, or just due to the rise in the cost of living.

The Action Plan section is a guide and resources centre to help you deal with the problem from day one.  It contains

  • information about your rights
  • suggestions and guidance on the way to deal with the problem
  • letters you can use to send to your tenant
  • checklists
  • the possession notices for you to draft up yourself (without having to use expensive professionals to do it for you), and
  • our unique do it yourself kit to get a CCJ for rent arrears

I have just recently re-done all the letters and put them onto our document generator system.  This means that once you have done one letter you can then create the next letter using the same information!  So you do not have to keep re-typing the names, addresses etc.

The letters are all stored safety in your My Documents area so you can find them again when needed.  But the original pdf letters are still available if you prefer them.

The Rent Arrears Action Plan is one big reason why people join and stay with Landlord Law.  You will find it (if you are a logged in member) here, otherwise click here.

Note - if you are one of our full annual members, I am planning some new video content which will make this service even more attractice.  Watch this space!

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