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Tessa SheppersonThere are always things going on, new items to talk about, new content to let you know about.  The question is where do I do this?

The place I write most of all is my Landlord Law blog  I post most weekdays and try to cover all news items there.

Then there is the Landlord Law Newsletter.  This has been going for years.  The newsletter goes out once a month - normally on a Thursday - and contains a few news items, notifications to Landlord Law members and an article on a topic of interest.  You can see the most recent issue >> here.

I also have a small weekly School for Landlords updater, where I give news about my training services plus a weekly tip - this goes out on a Tuesday (if you are interested you get a free guide when you sign up).

Finally, for social housing workers, Ben Reeve Lewis and I write Frontliner which goes out (usually) on the first Tuesday of the month.

Not to mention this blog.

Sitting thinking about all this in the bath just now, I have decided that something has to go.  And the thing that is going to go is, I have decided, this blog.  I simply don't have sufficient time to keep it up and I tend to put most updating things in the newsletter anyway.

So this will be the last post in this blog for a while (unless I decide to resurrect it).  If you want to keep up with things, I suggest you sign up (if you have not done so already) to the Landlord Law Newsletter.

GuideAs an incentive - when you sign up you will get a handy guide on preparing tenancy agreements and signing up tenats.

Here is how do it:

1. Go here:

(this link should take you to the signup box - if you have problems, copy and paste the link into the address box on your internet browser)

2. Complete your name and your email address in the boxes

3. Click the green sign up button.

4. You will then be sent an automatic email by the email service. Please check for this in your spam folder if it has not arrived after a few minutes. It WILL be sent out. If it has not arrived after about 10 minutes this may be because you have made a typo so have another go!

5. Once the email arrives, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you click the link in it as otherwise the signup will not be activated. If the link does not work for you - forward the email to me and I will click it for you!! (I have done this for some people)

6. You will then be redirected to a page where you can download the guide. You will also be sent an email with a link to the download page. If you have any problems downloading the guide let me know by forwarding the email to me.

7. Thats it!

So goodbye for now here, but hopefully see you again on one of my other services.

Tessa Shepperson

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