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New Q and A are regularly loaded up to the site.

New video content - the final video in the Rent Arrears Action Plan series, which is on County Court Judgements.

A new legal case - Saxon Weald Homes Ltd v Chadwick [2011] Court of Appeal - Housing association accidentally creates assured tenancy by sending letter in error

Multi user membershipFeatured service - multi user membership

This is a new membership type which will make it more economic for companies where several people need to use the Landlord Law service.

Landlord Law membership is normally on a personal basis - the membership is owned by the person named and only they are entitled to use the service.

However although this is fine for individuals it is not really convenient for companies and organisations:

  • there will generally be several people who will need to use the site, and not surprisingly the company will baulk at paying full price for them all
  • members of staff change and will understandably want the membership to remain with the company

The answer is a new multi user membership type. This is on an annual basis. There needs to be one 'lead' company member who will pay full price and will be our main contact. Additional members will then cost £36 pa each (all prices are inclusive of VAT) plus there is a set up fee of £90.

All companies with multi user membership will have a special company area on the site which has details of their membership, and which they can also use to add their own information if they wish.

You can read more about our multi user membership >> here and there is an application form >> here.  Existing members wanting to switch to multi user membership will be credited with a proportional part of the membership fee paid.

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