About the Landlord Law forum

Landlord Law is a place where you can find answers to your tenancy questions

Most people find their answers in the site information such as FAQ, articles and information sections such as the rent arrears action plan or (for tenants) the big tenants book.  Landlord Law is a BIG site.

However it cannot answer ALL questions.  This is why we have the members discussion forum.

Here you can:

  • Ask a question about a tenancy related problem you may have, and
  • Discuss this with Tessa and with other Landlord Law members

For example you can ask about:

  • A problem regarding your tenancy agreement
  • A deposit related question
  • A problem regarding the condition of the property
  • A problem regarding eviction of tenants
  • How to find something on the Landlord Law site

There are separate forums for landlords and for tenants, with one area 'cross roads' common to both.

Any Landlord Law member can use the forum.  Tessa will generally check the forum daily (sometimes less at weekends and bank holidays) and will try to answer new posts.  But you may also get an equally helpful answer from another member.

Note however that for complex questions (particularly those involving court proceedings) the forum is not  suitable and you may be asked to apply for one of our fixed fee advice services.

If you are not already a member you can 

"I joined Landlord Law only yesterday and I think you may have saved me the cost of my subscription already" RD, Landlord



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